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Vision Statement


As Chairman, I will ensure we are constantly looking at zoning ordinances to ensure we are a balanced county whose growth is responsible. No matter what you are looking for in a community, Jackson County has it. Our county is a great place to live and raise a family. Our community is a perfect blend of rural farmland and progressive city life. From the poultry and beef farms to the small towns and communities, there is something for everyone. To maintain the balance of our rich agricultural history and our industry and retail growth, we must constantly re-evaluate our zoning laws. Jackson County first adopted zoning laws in 1974. As a Planning and Zoning committee member and chairman, I have worked to develop usable a Unified Development Code (UDC). As a commissioner, I have supported building moratoriums and impact fees to help defray the cost of increased infrastructure from growth.

As Chairman, I will aggressively seek public comment and input about how our county should grow. Citizens’ input on how our county should look is also significant. The last time county leaders asked citizens how they thought the county should look was in 2020. At that time, protecting the rural character of the county and its natural resources was very important, as was the construction of single-family housing and a desire for a greater variety of service-oriented development. We, as a county, are achieving these benchmarks.



We must emphasize strategic infrastructure development and minimize its impact on private property. Making sure our roads and bridges are up-to-date and safe to travel is a priority for me. Jackson County has 630 miles of county road that our community must maintain. We must ensure that future road construction creates little to no eminent domain issues. As a Jackson County Commissioner, I have strived specifically to discuss with GDOT officials and state elected officials to add new exits on I-85 to assist in mitigating traffic and congestion.


As Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, I will lead as a consensus builder and get critical players around the table to make tough decisions to reduce our tax burden. Neither the Chairman nor the Board of County Commissioners has a total say over the millage rate in the county. As a county commissioner and candidate for County Chairman, I have convened meetings with leadership in each of the municipalities and state leaders to address the property tax assessments that we have seen as of late. As Chairman of the Commission, I will ensure we are doing everything we can to continue to make this an affordable county to live in and fully fund essential programs like education, infrastructure, and government services while not abusing the taxpayer.


According to the USDA, in 2017, there were 734 farms in Jackson County. Many of these farms have been in the same families for generations. Every couple of weeks, new businesses are opening across the six municipalities in Jackson County. Many will flourish, grow, and be passed down from generation to generation. Healthy counties with balanced growth look like this. As Chairman, I commit to making Jackson County a place where your family can prosper in all areas of life.

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